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This is not an official blog post yet because our BLOG is not live yet.

Never the less we want to inform you in this little box that our website is getting a complete overhaul with more social interaction and more content for you to enjoy.
When our blog is live we will keep you posted there about website changes and other news we feel we should share with you.

We're going to turn our website in a (p)review website / portal that selects and reviews the best free quality sex cam sites that are available on the internet, you're able to use most core functions on our website that they have to offer such as viewing free sex cams and start a free sex chat. This way you're certain that the site you're going to browse to is a safe, genuine and fun place.


Our new website is almost done, some functions are not accessible yet because we're still working on developing them.

The functions that are not yet functional are BLOG & FORUM

The purpose of our forum will be that you are able to discuss sex cam sites and models.

We will keep our users informed about website changes on our blog or if we have any other fun news.

More functions will be added soon!